Tailored Admissions Consulting & Editing

As admissions consultants, we think of ourselves as tailors.

Let’s say you decide to buy a new suit. You may find yourself drawn a big name and a fancy store. You might see a sharp looking salesman and think, Wow, that guy looks great! If I buy his suit, it will make me look great too!

Unfortunately, when you try to wear that suit, you realize it doesn’t fit well, and it doesn’t make you look good.

The suit that fit the salesman won’t fit you. Regardless of the big name, the fancy store and the sharp looking salesman, what you need most is a good tailor because it’s the tailor who makes you look good!

In admissions consulting, the tailor is the AWE (Admissions Writer & Editor). Your consultant may have an MBA degree from an M7 business school, but that won’t help you much if that consultant doesn’t also have a good AWE on staff. Like the tailor, that AWE must first look at you – to understand your experiences, your goals, your aspirations and your story.

A good tailor will then help you choose the best material to fit your purpose. Likewise, a good AWE must not only understand your audience but must also take the time to intimately understand your experiences, how those experiences shaped you and how those experiences shaped your aspirations for the future. As the most basic qualification, your AWE should be a native-born English speaker. On top of that, a good AWE will have invested years of formal study in the craft of writing to learn how to tailor your language and content to your audience and purpose.

Ideally, your AWE will have many years’ experience helping hundreds of MBA applicants succeed in securing admission to their dream schools.

This is the expertise we bring to the table, and you won’t learn any of these skills in business school!

MBA Admissions Consulting Experience

Although our experience with admissions consulting and helping Chinese-speaking MBA and Graduate School applicants stretches back to 2002, our team really came together in 2009, under the company name of English Language Communications Consulting (ELCC).

For those 9 years, we mainly did admissions writing and editing mainly for admissions consultants in Taiwan and across Asia, helping their clients gain admission to top MBA and other Graduate School programs worldwide.

In 2018, we decided to launch 洛大衛.com and offer our services directly to applicants in Taiwan.


Meet the Team

We love our work. We love helping people realize their dreams. Our goal is your success! 


Brigitte (白理琪)

Chief Editor & Consultant

  • 7 years experience as admissions writer, editor & consultant, helping hundreds of Chinese-speaking MBA applicants negotiate cross-cultural communication to earn positions in top MBA programs around the world
  • 4 years as freelance editor
  • Contributed to publication of 3 anthologies through publishing collective she helps run
  • Background in communications with special emphasis in editing and publishing (top of her class)



Founder & Chief Consultant

  • 20 years as admissions writer & editor, helping Asia’s future business leaders gain admission to elite North American, European and Asian business schools
  • 11 years coaching Asia’s business leaders in cross-cultural communication
  • 11 years writing, editing and consulting for Taiwan’s financial industry
  • 3 years in-house communications consulting for a Big-4 international accounting firm
  • 4 years assisting graduate and undergraduate students 
with academic writing in 2 American universities
  • Master’s degree in East Asian Development with heavy emphasis in Asia’s financial sector
  • Undergraduate degree in English with heavy emphasis in writing for marketing and public relations, from Oregon State University – Summa Cum Laude
  • Masters Degree in East Asian Development Studies from NCCU in Taiwan

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