These are some of the questions our clients ask most often:


How early should I start working with you? How long will it take to produce an excellent application? 

The level of work we do with our clients takes longer than most consultants. Allow a minimum of 8 weeks of consistent work with us for your first application. Your second application will take less time. Your third application will take less than your second. 

We place no limits on the amount of time or number of edits we devote to your application. Your only limitation is the amount of time you give us to help you. We want to work with people who give us that time, and so we like to work with people who start working months in advance. Give yourself the time to help us help you! 

Also, our capacity often fills several months before the deadline. If you wait until the last month before the deadline, you won’t be able to work with us. 


Do you only help with admissions to graduate school programs other than MBA?

Yes, we help applicants get into all sorts of programs, from MBA to Masters and PhD programs of all sorts. 


What if I want to apply to more than 5 schools?

No problem. All additional schools cost only the base rate. 


How long will it take you to get my edited essay back?

About 3 business days normally. 


What if I get accepted to my first-choice school – do I still need to pay for all 5 schools?

This happens often, and we are overjoyed! If you decide for any reason you do not wish to continue applying, we will refund your deposits for any schools you have not started working on with us.

With the Self-Starter Admissions Consulting & Editing package, your 5th school is free. However, if you are not sure you want to apply to all five schools, you can pay as you go. 


What if I apply to one school and decide to come back next year – is my second school still discounted?

Yes, our clients sometimes need to postpone, and we are more than happy to extend your discount into a second year.


What if I have an emergency – do you offer rush service?

We are a happy to fulfill your urgent requests. Contact us for details.