These are some of the questions our clients ask most often:

How long will it take you to get my edited essay back?

We guarantee turn-around in 3 business days, but we almost never take that long. Our normal turn-around time for projects under 10,000 words is 48 hours or less.

What if I get accepted to my first-choice school – do I still need to pay for all 5 schools?

This happens often, and we are overjoyed!

With the Self-Starter Admissions Consulting & Editing package, your 5th school is free. However, if you are not sure you want to apply to all five schools, you can still take advantage of the Self-Starter discount. You can pay as you go, and if you get accepted, we ask only that you recommend us!

What if I apply to one school and decide to come back next year – is my second school still discounted?

Yes, our clients sometimes need to postpone, and we are more than happy to extend your discount into a second year.

What if I have an emergency – do you offer rush service?

We are a happy to fulfill your urgent requests. Contact us for details.